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Surgery and Natural Male Enhancement

In the past, there was only one option for men who suffered from problems in the bedroom. This was the surgery. Things have changed over the last decades and nowadays, men have a wide range of options when it comes to male enhancement.

Below you will find the surgical and, more important the natural ways of male enhancement that are present nowadays:

1) Surgical male enhancement

The male enhancement surgery is one of the most popular methods of male enhancing. It involves the cut of the ligaments of your penis which will induce a 3-4 cm increased length. The main problems of these surgeries are related to costs and the possibility of side effects.

Costs are very high when it comes to this type of a surgery, many men can’t afford the price. Also, there were some stories about the side effects of such an intervention which included penile deformation or losing the ability to have an erection. Post operatory exercises are almost imperative as otherwise you the risk of side effects appearance is higher.

2) Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills are available in all sorts of forms. Ointments, herbal pills, creams or patches have flooded the market over the last decades. Each manufacturer claims his product is most effective and the safest one. Unfortunately, many of them have reduced or even no effect in terms of male enhancement.

3) Exercises

Exercises that are performed regularly can help your sex life. Unfortunately, the effects are noticeable only after a long time. These are the cheapest method of male enhancement. It can offer you an inch longer penis if done properly.

4) Penis Pumps

This type of device involves the use of a pump for creating a vacuum that should draw the blood into the penis. This way, you will benefit from a longer penis. The main problem of this device is that if used improperly, it could cause damage to your penile area.

5) Other devices

Beside penis pumps, there are many other devices on the market that can help in terms on male enhancement. Some of these devices can offer you long term results.

Traction devices have great results in terms of length and girth. Devices like those sold by Size Genetics can grow your penis up to 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. These devices have the ability to correct curvatures, increase sexual stamina and offer long lasting erections and create hard penises.

In summary, there are many devices, products and techniques available on the market. You should permanently seek for the best results and the highest degree of safety. In order to do that, you should use some time researching on the Internet and reading reviews of people that have used different methods of male enhancement.

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