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What Causes Impotence?

Unfortunately, impotence is a most encountered condition these days. There are more and more men suffering from this condition and all of them are looking for a cure. If you are one of them you should be aware that curing or preventing the appearance of impotence can be made exclusively if you know its causes.

There are many factors that can cause impotence. For example diabetes or a high blood pressure can induce this condition. Injuries or surgeries can lead to impotence as well. Also, psychological problems are as well responsible for this condition.

The three main types of factors that can lead to impotence are presented below in this article for you to be aware of them and to help you prevent the appearance of this condition in your life:

1) Physical Causes

The vast majority of impotence cases are due to the physical problems or medical conditions. The most encountered physical problems are diabetes and high blood pressure. If this is your case you should certainly consult a specialist as it is not advisable to mix the drugs you are taking for the conditions above with those that help you at treating impotence.

The doctor will certainly be of great help recommending you drugs or exercises you should perform in order to enhance your sexual performances. As many men suffer from this condition you should not feel embarrassed and you should tell your doctor everything he needs to know in order to properly diagnose you.

2) Lifestyle Causes

The lifestyle causes are those who in a way or another affects the ability of having a proper erection. For example, drug abuse, extreme obesity, lack of exercising, steroid use or alcoholism may lead to impotence. Sometimes smoking can lead to impotence too.

If you have no physical problem and still suffer from this condition, you lifestyle may be responsible for this. Therefore, if you want to cure your impotence you should quit smoking, begin exercising and change your lifestyle.

3) Psychological Causes

Almost 20% of the impotence cases are due to psychological or emotional causes. These psychological problems are mental fatigue, psychological traumas or abuses, depression, relationship problems or anxiety disorders.

Above in this article you saw the main categories of causes that can lead to impotence. If you already have impotence problems you should try to change the causes that led to being impotent. On the other hand, if you are not impotent but have some of the above conditions or factors you should consult a doctor.

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