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Some of the Mistakes Guys Make when Exercising for Increasing Their Penis Size

Today, a lot of men experience erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or impotence problems; many factors contribute to the development of these conditions, and some are really not that serious, but they all need to be treated seriously in order to prevent them from getting worse.

There are also a lot of men who simply want to enlarge their penis or get better erections. Sexual performance is very important for a couple, because sex is a powerful way to transmit affection, and when something goes wrong, men and women suffer and a relationship could have problems.

Basically, the ability of men and women to feel aroused and find pleasure in sexual intercourse is directly linked to one thing: blood flow. An efficient blood flow means physical health, but also the capacity of blood vessels to dilate and contract better; this leads to a better lubrication, to making men feel aroused and to increasing their potency.

An improved blood flow can also lead to a stronger, harder, longer lasting erection and a longer lasting orgasm.

There are many solutions to all these problems, consisting in sexual enhancers that could help increase potency, get you more aroused and boost your energy level for better and longer lasting sexual performances.

However, the best method is also the easiest one on the market, and that is exercise. By regular exercise you will achieve an enlarged penis, as well as getting a stiffer and longer erection. There are plenty of exercises you can use for achieving your goal, but besides the actual techniques of penis enhancement, there are also some other things you should keep in mind.

First of all, you need to know that this method is not very fast, so it will take a while before you start noticing the effects. You need to be patient and wait for the effects to appear, because if you get bored or impatient, it will not help. You may end up giving up on the exercises altogether or simply over-training, and that could give a lot of nasty effects, from pain to skin tears or even blood vessel breaking.

You should not overreact and perform the exercises in the exact manner they are recommended to you; however, you need to grip your penis firmly while performing the exercises so you should also not be too gentle, as this will lead nowhere and you will not spot any effects.

If you notice your penis has become used to the exercises you are performing, you should change them, because you need to see continuous effect and therefore you always need to perform new exercises regularly. If it is difficult or you to follow instructions, you should get pictures of the exercises so that you can get a clear picture of what you need to do.

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Male Impotence Symptoms

Many times, men suffering from impotence do not seek medical help. This is because of the embarrassment or because of the denial. However, if you are one of these men you should know that consulting a doctor is the best solution for treating impotence. He will advise you on the solutions and he will prescribe the proper treatment for the condition.

Being embarrassed should not be a problem as many men all over the world suffer from this condition. It is said that 10 % of the male population suffers a form or another of impotence.

Doctors require a physical examination and some tests to be performed in order to establish the cause and the gravity of the impotence. This way they will give you the proper treatment and advices. Many times the doctor will observe problems even from the physical examination. You may have a hormonal impotence and this type of impotence manifests with abnormal hair patterns or growth patterns.

If the impotence is due to a circulatory problem, this can be also seen at a physical examination. For example, the blood may be blocked by an aneurysm in the penile area. The Peyronie’s disease can be also observed at an examination. However, this disease is a rare one.

Besides physical examinations, doctor may rely on laboratory tests when diagnosing impotence. The laboratory tests are great at revealing the causes that led to impotence. Knowing the cause or causes is the first step to treating the condition.

Sometimes, impotence hides other more serious conditions and the doctor will observe if it is the case. The measurement of liver enzymes, blood count tests and urine analysis are all laboratory tests in an impotence case. If the patient lacks the sex desire, a testosterone test will also be performed.

Unfortunately, in some cases both laboratory tests and physical examinations do not reveal the cause of the impotence. If that is the case, doctors usually suggest other tests to be performed. Also, monitoring the patient over night might be required. This is because healthy men usually have erections during sleep. They are called night erections and they are very important in establishing whether a man suffers from impotence or not.

If the patient does not experience nocturnal erections, chances are that he suffers from a physical impotence. In this case the doctor is sure that the psychological factors have no importance as the physical impotence is the one that should be treated.

In conclusion, there are many ways that a doctor can establish the causes of your impotence. However, without consulting a doctor you will not know them and the impotence may aggravate over time.

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What Causes Impotence?

Unfortunately, impotence is a most encountered condition these days. There are more and more men suffering from this condition and all of them are looking for a cure. If you are one of them you should be aware that curing or preventing the appearance of impotence can be made exclusively if you know its causes.

There are many factors that can cause impotence. For example diabetes or a high blood pressure can induce this condition. Injuries or surgeries can lead to impotence as well. Also, psychological problems are as well responsible for this condition.

The three main types of factors that can lead to impotence are presented below in this article for you to be aware of them and to help you prevent the appearance of this condition in your life:

1) Physical Causes

The vast majority of impotence cases are due to the physical problems or medical conditions. The most encountered physical problems are diabetes and high blood pressure. If this is your case you should certainly consult a specialist as it is not advisable to mix the drugs you are taking for the conditions above with those that help you at treating impotence.

The doctor will certainly be of great help recommending you drugs or exercises you should perform in order to enhance your sexual performances. As many men suffer from this condition you should not feel embarrassed and you should tell your doctor everything he needs to know in order to properly diagnose you.

2) Lifestyle Causes

The lifestyle causes are those who in a way or another affects the ability of having a proper erection. For example, drug abuse, extreme obesity, lack of exercising, steroid use or alcoholism may lead to impotence. Sometimes smoking can lead to impotence too.

If you have no physical problem and still suffer from this condition, you lifestyle may be responsible for this. Therefore, if you want to cure your impotence you should quit smoking, begin exercising and change your lifestyle.

3) Psychological Causes

Almost 20% of the impotence cases are due to psychological or emotional causes. These psychological problems are mental fatigue, psychological traumas or abuses, depression, relationship problems or anxiety disorders.

Above in this article you saw the main categories of causes that can lead to impotence. If you already have impotence problems you should try to change the causes that led to being impotent. On the other hand, if you are not impotent but have some of the above conditions or factors you should consult a doctor.

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